NET's English Corner


The aim of NET's English Corner is to provide students with engaging English language activities that foster their interest in the language and help develop their language proficiency and learning habits. Collaborating with the NET (Native-speaking English Teacher), the English Department is hosting various activities throughout the academic year. These activities include the English Debate, English Café, English speaking practices and presentations, group discussions, movie appreciation, and other initiatives to encourage students to use English in their daily lives outside the classroom.


Promotional Posters


NET Introduction

Greetings! I'm Rukhsana, the new NET at Lok Sin Tong Ku Chui Man Secondary School this year. I hold a degree and PGCE from universities in the United Kingdom. My expertise lies in teaching public speaking skills and presentation skills, such as drama performance, debate, poetry, and more.

My goal is to support every student at KCM in speaking English confidently and improving their public speaking and presentation skills through engaging and interactive lessons conducted in English. Furthermore, I will organize lively and enjoyable activities outside the classroom in collaboration with different English teams and the English club.


English Club Recruitment Day


English Centre

Situated on the ground floor, the English Centre is a space where students can engage in English board games and interact with the Native-speaking English Teacher.

The English Centre serves as a resource hub for various English learning materials and games. With the guidance of the NET teacher, students will be exposed to the cultures of English-speaking countries and have access to educational English books, movies, and games. Students will have more opportunities to use English in an enjoyable and interactive manner at school, which will enhance their communication skills and boost their confidence in using the language.

Students will learn English through conversational activities, drama, public speaking, individual presentations, debates, group discussions, and games, making the learning process more sociable and engaging.


Upcoming Activity

KCM 45th Anniversary Information and Open Day


Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!


KCM 45th Anniversary Halloween Carnival

On 31st of October, KCM 45th Anniversary Halloween Carnival was held. Students joined the Halloween Carnival energetically and had a great time.



Spooky smiles and festive fun! Students had a blast joining the Halloween Carnival.


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Drama Club Auditions

On October 4th and October 11th, 2023, auditions for the KCM 45th Anniversary Performance were held. Students participated enthusiastically in the auditions.




Drama Team group photos


1D Hailey, Jenice and Emma auditioning!